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Integrity - an undivided or unbroken completeness or totality with nothing wanting.

Price movements are challenging for grain farmers.  For a livestock operation, price movements can be even more challenging due not only the price fluctuation of thier product, but the ever changing feed costs as well.  Integrity Ag works closely with producers to find the tools to best fit their changing needs in an ever changing marketplace.  

Livestock gross margin (LGM) insurance can be highly effective addition to your hedging program.  Inetegrity Ag is able to provide assitance and education regarding LGM insurnace as well as conventional hedging tools such as calls and puts.  Since different situations and market opprtunities require different price and revenue protection strategies, Integrity Ag taked a holistic approach in order to offer a comprehensive hedge plan.  Our expertise can can help you implement the proper plan to meet your goals and objectives.   

USDA's LGM program facts and FAQ's:




Link to the University of Wisconsin's LGM Premium Analyzer with video tutorial below.

Link to IAII LGM Cattle Premium Estimator.

Link to IAII LGM Hog Premium Analyzer.

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